Clinical Exellence Awards suspended

Online news
24 March 2020

ACCEA have announced that they have suspended the 2020 Clinical Excellence Awards.

They have posted the following information on their website:

"The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) is aware of the increasing impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on all NHS staff.

"We know that Royal Colleges, employers, ACCEA committee members and applicants are concerned about the time needed to apply for an award and for employers to sign them off, which may be at the expense of clinical priorities.

"We have therefore suspended applications for the 2020 national Clinical Excellence Awards competition. There is now no need to complete an application or for employers to sign off those already submitted.

"We will implement contingency plans for new applications. We will also ensure that those whose awards expire in April 2021 are not disadvantaged by being unable to submit a renewal application.

"Any applications already drafted will be saved. The online form will remain available until 5pm on Tuesday 24 March so that applicants can download their work."

Further details will be provided next week after ACCEA meet with ministers and the College's website will be updated with these developments.