5th annual PLAN forum 2016

Improving mental healthcare in general hospitals

26 February 2016

Plenary Sessions

  1. Chair's Welcome Dr Jim Bolton
  2. What do patients, staff and referrers really think about liaison mental health? (PDF) Lucy Palmer & Sophie Hodge
  3. Liaison Psychiatry: The national context (PDF) Dr Peter Aitken
  4. The journey to hope and recovery (PDF) Jonny Benjamin
  5. Framework for routine outcome measurement in liaison psychiatry (PDF) Dr Peter Trigwell
  6. Maternal Mental Health (PDF) Professor Margaret Oates

Workshop Sessions

  1. The needs of senior nurses and their teams in liaison psychiatry (PDF) Sarah Eales & Kate Chartres
  2. Liaison teams as educators - how do we achieve maximum impact? Workshop photographs (PDF) Dr Amrit Sachar
  3. Using the principles of Cognitive Analytic Therapy in liaison psychiatry settings (PDF) Abrar Hussain, Matthew Lowe & Paul Matthews
  4. Telepsychiatry in a liaison psychiatry service Kezia Lange
  5. Improving alcohol and drug use assessments in an Emergency Department psychiatric liaison service Kathleen Kelly & Charlotte Ball
  6. Describing and evaluating liaison psychiatry services (LP-Maestro) - where now and what next? Professor Allan House
  7. Audit of mortality, morbidity and clinical governance factors in serious incidents following liaison psychiatry assessment (PDF) Bob Taylor
  8. Getting Psychologists into your liaison psychiatry team: benefits, pitfalls, hints and tips (PDF) Hannah Osbourne & Mary Oldham
  9. Caring for the carers: the unique needs of families and carers of older patients (PDF) Mary Rodgers & Lucy Palmer


  1. Making a PACCT (An Evolving Project: The role of Patient And Carers' Community Team meetings in a Mental Health Liaison Service (PDF) - Jennifer Nicholas
  2. Takes your breath away: a case study of systemic formulation of COPD, Panic and Frequent Attending (PDF) - Phoebe Kaspar, Eliza Johnson & Ellen Hughes
  3. Evaluation of 2 x 2 day mental health training provided by RAID to acute hospital staff (PDF) - Eliza Johnson & Ellen Hughes
  4. An Evaluation of the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge (RAID) teams (PDF) - Paul Kingston, Ellen Hughes, Jan Bailey, Rafik Salama & George Tadros
  5. An Integrated Multi-agency Care Pathway for those Presenting in Frequent Crisis on the Railway (PDF) - Flair Birch, Tim Taylor, Ellen Hughes & George Tadros
  6. Evaluation of a pilot service: Does the presence of a mental health nurse practitioner have an impact on the outcomes of patients telephoning the NHS 111 line? (PDF) - Kerry Webb, Cindy Black, Ellen Hughes, Mike Preece & George Tadros
  7. An evaluation of the Psychiatric Decisions Unit (PDU) and its role within the urgent care pathway in Birmingham : Poster 1 (PDF) - Ellen Hughes, Louise Ward, Mary Elliffe & George Tadros
  8. An evaluation of patient and staff satisfaction at the Psychiatric Decisions Unit (PDU): Poster 2 (PDF) - Ellen Hughes, Louise Ward, Mary Elliffe & George Tadros
  9. Technology Assisted Psychiatry: Initial staff survey of attitudes to telepsychiatry (PDF) - Kezia Lange
  10. The role of the Alzheimer's Society in hospitals (PDF) - Pemille Woods, Ellen Hughes & George Tadros
  11. A Co-produced pathway for patients presenting to ED following use of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) (PDF) - Muzamal Rehman, Kripa Chakravarthy & Denise Garton
  12. Proactive Monitoring of Self-harm Attendances to the Emergency Department: Challenges and Successes (PDF) - Muzamal Rehman, Jennifer Ness & Keith Waters
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