About the London Division

Members in the London Division are supported by a strong, committed Executive Committee which meets four times a year.

Division strategy

The remit of the Executive Committee is to guide the Division in line with central College objectives. Therefore, we set a regional three-year strategy to incorporate Division strategies which mirror central College but have a local focus. We discuss this strategy, and what we have achieved or are working on, in each Executive Committee meeting. We will ensure to update members of what we have done on their behalf.

Division-led events

The Executive Committee has an active academic programme and hosts two academic conferences each year – one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.

We also run numerous training events and courses throughout the year, focusing on wellbeing, treatment updates, practical skills, 'Discover Psychiatry', AI, research, QI – amongst others. We also provide courses relating to specific grades. For more information on Events, please view our Events page.

We’ll let you know about conferences and competitions on Twitter (@rcpsychLDN) and on these pages.

Engaging with the College

The Executive Committee encourage members to engage with the College locally, and welcome comments and suggestions from the wider membership. We are always looking for new and innovative ideas for member engagement and how we can support our members so please do contact us with any ideas, or how we can support you in local activities.

If you’d like to contact the Executive Committee, you can do so via the Division Office.

Promoting psychiatry

We’re committed to not just promoting psychiatry, but looking at retention in psychiatry. We actively take an interest in local medical schools, in particular local psychiatric societies, as well as supporting Trainee events.

Medical students and Foundation Doctors are encouraged to attend events and conferences organised by the Division.

We also run an annual 'Discover Psychiatry' event aimed at medical students to promote and encourage a career in psychiatry.

Involving patients and carers

Patient and carer input is important to the Division and have recently appointed a new Patient/Carer Representative who will ensure the voices of patients and carers are heard in all activities and projects we undertake. If you are a patient or carer, you are represented on the Executive Committee, and we also hope to see you at Division conferences.

Keeping your contact details up to date

The Division Office is committed to providing members with a fast and efficient service. So this can happen, members are asked to keep their contact details up to date – particularly their email addresses.

Please let us know if your contact details change.

How to contact us

  • Division Enquiries: london@rcpsych.ac.uk
  • Phone: 0208 618 4290
  • Divisions Committee Manager: Karen Morgan
  • Address: The Royal College of Psychiatrists, London Division Office, 2nd Floor, 21 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB
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