Bursaries available

International Congress

The London Division provides five bursaries each year so that two Medical Students/FY Doctors, two Core Trainees and one Higher Trainee can attend the International Congress.

The bursaries are awarded to the presenters of the top scoring poster abstract submissions to International Congress. You can apply for these as part of the poster abstract submission process. Further information on submitting posters is available on our poster presentations page.

The bursaries for 2024 have now been allocated and the next bursaries will be available in 2025.

For more details about the bursary please email london@rcpsych.ac.uk.

Leaders Plus NHS Foundation Fellowship

The Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship is a supportive leadership career development programme for NHS leaders with young children who are ambitious in their careers. This course is designed for Clinical and non-clinical staff who are ambitious, passionate about their career development, and have young children aged 0-11. The Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship Programme supports parents working in the health service to progress at work into senior leadership positions whilst also balancing commitments as a parent.

The programme is run annually. To find out more about this course, please view the Leaders Plus website.

As a Division, we believe no parent should have to choose between progressing their career to senior leadership and their young children. We therefore offer a bursary to part-fund this course. If you are in a management position have young children and are interested in this course, please contact the Division office to discuss the possibility of being awarded the bursary.

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