Meet the Executive Committee 

Who’s who on the Executive Committee and sub committees

The Chair has overall responsibility for the members of the Executive Committee.

The Vice Chair is responsible for providing the College Registrar with the number of members in the Division, the number of meetings held each year and details of elected officers.

The Financial Officer is responsible for keeping account of Division expenditure and submitting a yearly business plan to the Treasurer.

The Executive Committee also has four elected members, several co-opted and ex-officio members, regional representation from nine Faculties and a user carer representative.

The full breakdown of the Executive Committee is as follows:

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Declan Hyland 2018 Chair
Dr Nishanth Babu Mathew 2020 Vice Chair
Dr Samir Shah 2016 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Amit Sharda 2018 Academic Secretary
Dr Ayokunle Adelaja 2019 Regional Representative
Dr Nithya Anandan 2018 Deputy Recruitment Lead
Dr Ashley Baldwin 2018 Regional Adviser
Dr Stuart Beatson 2018 Committee Member
Dr Antonio Da Costa 2021 Regional Representative
Dr Neel Halder 2018 Recruitment Lead
Dr Naghma Malik 2017 Regional Representative
Dr Jose Mathew 2018 Committee Member
Dr Nieves Mercadillo 2018 Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Khaled Mostafa 2018 Workforce Lead
Dr Soleman Mustafa 2017 Regional Representative
Dr Tessa Myatt 2014 Regional Representative
Dr Monica Nangia 2020 Regional Representative
Dr Alison Napier 2018 Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Ambreen Naz 2019 Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Dipti Patil 2017 Regional Representative
Dr Julia Payne 2017 Regional Representative
Dr Georgy Pius 2018 Regional Representative
Dr Roshelle Ramkisson 2020 Education Training and Standards Committee Rep
Dr Bapu Ravindranath 2013 Regional Representative
Dr Louise Robinson 2018 Regional Representative
Dr Parveen Sharma 2018 Regional Adviser
Dr Sonu Sharma 2016 Regional Representative
Dr Ankush Singhal 2013 Regional Representative
Dr Gillian Strachan 2018 Regional Representative
Dr Niamh Sweeney 2019 PTC Rep
Dr Rachel Thomasson 2019 Regional Representative

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