Financial Officer

Term of office

Four years and a minimum of one PA per fortnight (including meetings).

Job purpose

  • To ensure sound financial management of Devolved Nation or Division funds.
  • To act on behalf of the College Treasurer.

Key responsibilities

  • Be familiar with a range of College guidelines, e.g. on sponsorship, on the production of newsletters, on allowable expenses to members and speakers at conferences, including correct presentation of claims for reimbursement etc.
  • Arrange initial and subsequent ad hoc meetings with the Division Manager.
  • Attend College training workshops for Financial Officers.
  • Receive and review monthly management accounts from the College’s Finance Department.
  • Prepare an annual business plan for presentation to the Executive Committee and the College Treasurer to indicate likely income, expenditure and reserves over each twelve-month period.
  • Present a quarterly report and statement of accounts for circulation with each Executive Committee meeting’s papers, indicating performance against business plan.
  • Where necessary, share in the preparation of a joint meeting agreement if another Faculty, Division Special Interest Group or outside is involved.
  • Ensure appropriate financial governance for all conferences run by the Division.
  • Authorise, in liaison with the Chair, any variation in budget expenditure that occurs during the course of a meeting.
  • Assist the Chair and Division Manager with the preparation of a budget for all project work or for the establishment of a prize or lecture, for consideration by the Executive Committee and for submission to the Council.
  • Liaise with the Executive Committee and Vice Chair over forwarding information to the College Professional Standards Department about prize winners and request cheques as necessary from the College Finance Department in time to allow for presentation.
  • In liaison with the Division Manager monitor the number of mailings to members each year.
  • Inform the Chair/College Treasurer if a deficit is anticipated or if accounts are substantially in deficit and likely to remain so.
  • Liaise with the Chair and College Treasurer over steps to eradicate any significant deficit and to ensure that while in deficit, no expenditure on mailings or activities is incurred without the express prior permission of the College Treasurer.
  • Ensure that income is used only for those purposes set out in the College and that no separate account is established outside the College.
  • If a complaint is made against a holder of an elected or appointed office under the College’s Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure and that complaint upheld, he or she may be subject to the courses of action set out in the Procedure.

Such courses of action may but are not limited to, removal from College office, or offices.

If you’re interested in this position please contact Suzie Veitch

Academic Secretary

Term of office

4 Years

Job purpose

To be responsible for all aspects of the academic meetings of the Division.

Key responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Division Office that organises and administers these meetings and ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Liaise with the Devolved Nation or Division Office and Finance Officer on issues of fundraising and exhibition space.
  • Lead the design, organisation, delivery and monitoring of all Devolved Nation or Division meetings.
  • Have an awareness of potential media interest in certain topics and contact the Director of Communications and Policy to develop a media strategy in consultation with the Public Engagement Officer for each meeting.
  • Ensure that session facilitators and Chair are briefed on their responsibilities and liaise directly with each speaker.
  • Liaise with appropriate committee members to ensure a balance of topics and styles.
  • Ensure that speakers deliver presentations and workshops to a high standard and that these reflect modern theory and practice in adult learning.
  • Ensure adherence to College meetings policies and guidelines, particularly in relation to conflicts of interest, speaker expenses and other financial arrangements.

If you’re interested in this position please contact Suzie Veitch

Regional Specialty Representative vacancies

  • Academic: Division Wide
  • General & Adult (Shared): Mersey
  • Eating Disorders: Division Wide
  • Forensic: Mersey Region
  • Old Age (Shared): North West
  • Rehab & Social: Division Wide

Regional Specialty Representatives are appointed locally to support Regional Advisors and Deputy Regional Advisors, by providing expert advice on their Psychiatric sub-specialty.

They are the main link between the Faculty and Division Executive and although attendance at Division Executive Committee meetings is not a mandatory requirement for this role, attendance at the Regional Advisor meetings is considered a necessary part of the role (meetings take place yearly) and regular contact with the Regional Advisor, Deputy Regional Advisor and the Division Office is essential.

The recommended term is five years though this can vary depending on circumstances. The roles can also be taken up as a shared role with another colleague, or alongside any other existing College role.

If you’re interested in this position please contact Suzie Veitch You will be asked to supply the following:

  • your CV including details of two referees
  • a brief supporting statement.

Assessors on Advisory Appointment Committees

If you’ve been a consultant for more than three years, would you be interested in representing the College as an Assessor on Advisory Appointments Committees (AACs)?

Assessors are crucial for ensuring that good practice is maintained at all AACs, and we have a number of vacancies. We urgently need representatives in all psychiatric specialties and in all regions.

For further details please visit the College Assessor Webpage.

If you are interested in becoming a College Assessor please contact

Get in contact to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry