Vacancies in the North West Division

We are looking to appoint enthusiastic and experienced Consultants and SAS Doctors to join the North West Division Executive Committee.

The closing date for applications is 30 June 2023. If you would like to apply for one of the roles please email including:

  • Academic: Division-wide
  • Eating disorders: Division-wide
  • Forensic: North West
  • General adult: North West
  • Old age (Shared): North West
  • Substance misuse: Division-wide
  • Liaison: Division-wide

Regional Specialty Representatives are appointed locally to support Regional Advisors and Deputy Regional Advisors, by providing expert advice on their psychiatric subspecialty.

The recommended term is five years though this can vary depending on circumstances. The roles can also be taken up as a shared role with another colleague, or alongside any other existing College role.

Regional Specialty Representative job description

Term of office

Coterminous with Exec Committee role or co-opted for review at 12 months with a maximum term of four years.

Job purpose

To support, promote and amplify initiatives aimed at achieving equality and equity for all groups through helping with delivering RCPsych Equality Action Plan. We are looking to establish an equality champions network within the College that is focused on supporting the collective interests of people to enhance diversity and reduce inequalities.

Job description

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Term of office

Four years

Job purpose

The Recruitment Lead will work alongside the Workforce Lead and should be a Member of the College who has knowledge or an interest in promoting psychiatry as a career in innovative ways to improve recruitment to Core Training level 1 (CT1).

Job description

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