Choose Psychiatry wins awards

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The College’s 2022 Choose Psychiatry campaign scooped a host of awards at the 2023 Association Excellence Awards last week.

Our campaign – to attract the next generation of psychiatrists and help retain more trainees – won Best Marketing Project, came second for Best Podcast, Blog or Video, and was awarded third place for Best Awareness Campaign or Advancement of a Cause in the national awards scheme.

Judges praised Choose Psychiatry, describing it as “a well thought out campaign with clear objectives and impressive results,” and said it made “great use of multiple channels to deliver messages to different audiences.”

They also noted:

“It has a great call to action-based campaign title ‘choose psychiatry’, linking the career to mental health and wellbeing which has been very topical in recent years, and really demonstrates why persevering with a qualification can be rewarding.”

Referring to the video, they said:

“It made me wish I could be a psychiatrist! Simply excellent. A wonderful asset to deliver on a noble cause. Very impressed by the calibre of supports and the metrics attached to video. Great work.”

The College’s Dean, Professor Subodh Dave said:

“Teams across the College collaborate each year to deliver a powerful campaign and it is great to see their efforts acknowledged.

“Our focus is now on the 2023 campaign and members can play their part in helping us get these important messages out there. Please do share our banners on your social media profiles and tell your networks about the campaign.”

Click below to find out how you can support the 2023 Choose Psychiatry campaign.

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