RCPsych Scotland sounds budget warning

RCPsych in Scotland were recently involved in a high-profile media story to highlight that a freeze on health budgets – during the cost-of-living crisis – could lead to a catastrophe.

The Scottish Government’s budget publication revealed that funding for mental health services will remain frozen in 2023/24.

Funding for mental health rose from £273.9m in 2021/22 to £290.2m in 2023.

However, funding for the upcoming financial year – 2023/24 was frozen at this rate.

The draft budget also announced health and social care and mental health will be frozen at £120m, recovery and renewal at £3.7m and community health and wellbeing at £15m.

There are also worries that proposals to move mental health services into the new National Care Service lack clarity at a time when frontline services are struggling to meet demand.

A story featuring policy lead Dr Pavan Srireddy, went far and wide featuring in most national media outlets with a reach (opportunities to see) of around 2.5m.

This was complemented with an opinion piece by policy lead Dr Jess Sussmann, which was published in one of Scotland’s leading national newspapers – The Herald.

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