Celebrating our Fellows

Over the past few weeks, we’ve held three in-person ceremonies to honour those who were elected as Fellows of the College in 2019 and 2020 and whose Fellowship ceremonies were unfortunately postponed during the pandemic.

RCPsych Chief Exec Paul Rees addresses the new Fellows
Chief Exec Paul Rees addresses the new Fellows

In total we welcomed 53 Fellows and their guests, who had travelled from across the country and across the world to be at the College. Attendees heard speeches from our President Dr Adrian James, and Chief Executive Paul Rees MBE on the work of the College and its recent awards successes over the past few years.

We only award Fellowship to those who have excelled in service to Psychiatry, both within and outside of the College, and who have significantly advanced the strategic objectives of the College.

We will hold a further fellowship ceremony in April for Fellows who were elected in 2020, and two in June for Fellows who were elected last year.

If you’re interested in becoming a Fellow of the College, we’re accepting nominations until 15 September. Full details and the application process are available online.

Ceremony photos

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We welcomed these fantastic new Fellows in the three ceremonies:

  • Dr Yasir Abbasi
  • Dr Karim Ali Abdel Aziz
  • Dr Mohamed Abdelghani
  • Dr Magdi Ishag Ahmed
  • Dr Mohammed Al-Rawi
  • Dr Bijil Simon Arackal
  • Dr Fabida Aria
  • Dr Asif Bachlani
  • Dr Malarvizhy Baheerathan
  • Dr Cecilia Batten
  • Dr Daniel Bennett
  • Dr Mridul Biswas
  • Dr Sarmishtha Chakrabarti
  • Dr Richard Church
  • Dr Anke Conway Morris
  • Dr Samaa El Abd
  • Dr Graeme Feggetter
  • Dr Panchajanya Ghatak
  • Dr Neel Halder
  • Dr Jose Igoa
  • Dr Charlotte Illingworth
  • Dr Dilum Jayawickrama
  • Dr Kandarp Joshi
  • Dr Pavan Joshi
  • Dr Kehinde Junaid
  • Professor Farooq Khan
  • Professor Aftab Alam Khan
  • Dr Raafat Samir Labib Mishriky
  • Dr Pallab Majumder
  • Dr Asad Yaqub Malik
  • Dr Marc Mandell
  • Dr Laura Mannion
  • Dr Ehab Morgan
  • Dr Kamalika Mukherji
  • Dr Niamh Mulryan
  • Dr Amulya Nadkarni
  • Dr Rajesh Nehete
  • Dr Anna Neilson-Williams
  • Dr John Oguntade
  • Dr Christopher Pell
  • Dr Bhathika Perera
  • Professor Tarik Qassem Mohammad
  • Dr Sujaa Mary Rajagopal Arokiadass
  • Dr Prakash Raviraj
  • Dr Simmi Sachdeva-Mohan
  • Dr Manouri Senaratne
  • Dr Sivasubramaniam Srikumar
  • Dr Harriet Stewart
  • Dr Micheline Tremblay
  • Dr Pauline Twomey
  • Dr Jon Van Niekerk
  • Dr Derrett Watts
  • Dr Sobhi Yagoub
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