New CASC syllabus

As part of the College’s Assessment Strategy Review, the CASC was extensively analysed to ensure that it continues to be a robust assessment of the knowledge and competencies required for completion of core psychiatry training.

We are delighted to be able to publish the new MRCPsych Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC) Syllabus and Blueprint which will apply to CASC exams from September 2023 onwards.

The introduction of the new syllabus will coincide with the return of face-to-face CASC exams.

What’s changed?

The 2022 core curriculum was mapped to the CASC syllabus which has now been updated to provide more detail on what is being assessed with a clear skill subdivision setting out what is expected of candidates.

The CASC blueprint matrix also sets out the minimum frequency with which the clinical skill subdivisions will be tested.

Aligned to the 2022 curriculum, the new syllabus makes explicit the importance of a person-centered clinical approach to patients, as well as the interplay between physical and mental health.

The CASC will continue to be a 16-station exam assessing history taking, examination, patient management and communication. The CASC is delivered as two sessions of eight stations, all of seven minutes duration. Further information on the structure of the CASC is available in the syllabus document.

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