QN-CRHTT National Report

The Quality Network for Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams (QN-CRHTT) would like to showcase our Patient and Carer National Report.

This report summarises data collected from 29 Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams (CRHTT’s) who underwent a peer-review between January and December 2021. The report includes findings on our QN-CRHTT 4th edition of standards specifically relating to patients and their family/carers. 

The first half of the national report looks at benchmarking data and highlights the most common met, and not met standards.

Key findings from this report revealed that 74% of patient and family/carer related standards are met by our QN-CRHTT member services, with the highest area of standards met in assessment, care planning, and treatment.

With the benchmarking data, we have been able to include areas of development which highlight standards with the lowest percentage chance of being met.

The areas of achievement celebrate the standards highly met by our member services. Quotes from patient and family/carer feedback were taken from draft reports to provide a qualitative background to the data. 

The second half of the report explores why patient and carer involvement is important, the difference between involvement and co-production and top tips from the QN-CRHTT project team, our patient and carer representatives and colleagues working in some of our member services.

There is a focus on supporting CRHTTs in involving patients and family/carers in co-production and service development.

The report discusses the importance of away days, recruitment panels and patient and family/carer councils where members can voice their concerns and ideas for service development.

Finally, there are lots of tips on collecting patient and carer feedback and working with people who have lived experiences including having peer-support workers as core staff members. 

This report was co-produced with our patient and carer representatives, and this was a wonderful opportunity for the QN-CRHTT project team to work even more closely with our patient and carer representatives.

We hope you find it interesting and useful.

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