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Simon Rose

Simon Rose

Patient representative

Simon is a lived experience educator working in the undergraduate medical education teams of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS FT. He is tasked with supporting students to access the knowledge that comes from lived experience of mental illness. Simon is proud to be part of Derby’s award winning Expert Patient program and, in 2019, was the first ‘patient educator’ to be awarded the PG Certificate in Medical Education by the University of Sheffield.

Simon has particular interest in medical education, having spoken at conferences about the benefits of patient involvement in teaching. He is currently working with NHS England around patient safety, believing that safety can be improved through the development  of co-productive methods of working.

Simon has significant experience of mental illness; he has received 25 years of community based and in-patient care. However, Simon views his experience as just one person’s perspective. He is keen to learn from others and is always happy to engage on social media (@Simonro40611952).

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