About us

In response to the growing recognition of the clinical importance of neurodevelopmental factors (such as autism and ADHD) in all age groups and at all ability levels as well as in many of the psychiatric syndromes, this special interest group will:

  1. Promote a wider discussion and understanding of neurodevelopmental disorder across the whole field of psychiatry
  2. Support clinical & academic development
  3. Enable a coordinated approach to policy issues
  4. Facilitate better links with other organisations in this field.

NDPSIG is open to all members of The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Members and Associates may join by completing our online application form.

Anyone wishing to be enrolled in the Freedcamp discussion forum, should send a separate email to tpberney@gmail.com and put 'FREEDCAMP' in the subject line.

Others may be invited to join at the discretion of the chair.

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