Executive Committee

The Committee aims to meet up to 4 times a year. The maximum term for the elected officers (Chair and Financial Officer) is 4 years.

All other appointments to the Committee are non-tenured and by invitation, and the Executive welcomes expressions of interest from members who would wish to play an active role in the planning and running of this Special Interest Group.

opsig-chair-neil-greenbergNeil is a consultant academic psychiatrist at King’s College London. He served in the United Kingdom Armed Forces for more than 23 years and has deployed to a number of hostile environments including Afghanistan and Iraq. He has just been elected Chair of OP SIG, in Oct 2018.

 In 2008 he was awarded the Gilbert Blane Medal by the Royal Navy for his work in supporting the health of Naval personnel through his research work. He also led the team that won a military-civilian partnership award in 2013 for carrying out research into the psychological health of troops who were deployed and was shortlisted for the RCP Psychiatrist of the Year in 2015. He was awarded an RCP Presidential Medal for his work with trauma and veterans in 2017.

Neil has published more than 200 scientific papers and book chapters. He has presented to national and international audiences on matters concerning the psychological health of the UK Armed Forces, organisational management of traumatic stress and occupational mental health. He has been the Secretary of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the President of the UK Psychological Trauma Society. He is the current Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Lead for Military and Veterans Health, a trustee with Walking with the Wounded, an independent director of the Forces in Mind Trust and a principal advisor for Hostage UK. 

A doctor of 30 years, Jeya finds himself back in the military family, having started out as an infantry medical officer in Singapore – a forensic turned ‘occupational psychiatrist’, he looks after Regulars, Reserves and Veterans in Defence Primary Healthcare. A big fan of multidisciplinary team-working, he enjoys collaborating with GPs, OH/MH nurses and therapists, psychologists and OM physicians. He is a psychologically-minded clinician who thinks and practises systemically, espousing recovery-based attitudes.

Jeya is an honorary consultant with the mental welfare charity Combat Stress, sits on a Medical Advisory Committee for the Confederation of British Services charities (COBSEO) and is busy with the Society of Occupational Medicine. He is a former Clinical Director and Medical Director of secure hospital services in the NHS and independent sector, with experience of both hospital and community services.

He is a keen teacher in professional education who values lessons in improving quality of care and the patient's experience. A regular speaker on conference platforms in military psychology, occupational psychiatry, professional practice, medical law and ethics, he also speaks to schools as a STEM Ambassador for the MOD. He is a regular peer reviewer of topical academic/clinical papers for scientific journals.

Agnieszka works as a Perinatal Consultant Psychiatrist with North London Partners Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team; she also works in private practice. Having worked with and listened to many mothers and mothers to be, as well as being a mother and a full time professional herself for the best part of her adult life, Agnieszka has become very much aware of various problems arising while juggling work and home responsibilities, and how these might affect the well-being of women, their functioning at work, at home, and frankly at times how they are affecting the well-being of the whole family.

Rajeev is a Consultant Psychiatrist in private practice in London, prior to which he held leadership roles in the NHS, including intensive care psychiatry, acute admissions to medium security, female challenging behaviour, and low secure rehab. He was Clinical Director of General Mental Health Services for the Borough of Greenwich, and in the last 5 years was Secondary Care Adviser to two NHS clinical commissioning boards. 

He also does medico-legal work and qualified as a Barrister.  He is regularly an expert witness in personal injury cases, clinical negligence and employment tribunal cases. He has wider interests in organisational behaviour, strategy and performance management, completing an MBA in these areas at Warwick Business School.

His clinical interests include stress and anxiety related issues in the workforce, dealing with corporate workers in London, organisations seeking assessments for employees and international patients seeking expertise. He develops a pathway-driven multidisciplinary treatment plan whether through outpatient, day programme or inpatient care. Other interests are in the impact of AI, VR and Blockchain on health care; he is a strategy adviser to various organisations in the fields.

 Sarah is a specialist registrar in general adult psychiatry and psychotherapy at South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. She is doing a PhD in Occupational Mental Health at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London, which is funded by the Donald Dean clinical fellowship, awarded by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Sarah has published first author papers in the British Journal of Psychiatry, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Schizophrenia Research and the Journal of Affective Disorders. She has co-organised events, including talks about anxiety and work at the South London Gallery, funded by the Mental Health Foundation, and published a collection of interviews with psychiatrists: “Shrink Wrapped: Tales from Psychiatrists” with Dr Ros Humphreys (www.shrinkwrapped.org.uk).

Graham was a consultant psychiatrist with UK Armed Forces until retirement in 2017. His Army service included deployments to Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was a founder member of the SIG in 2012.

He currently supports charities working with veterans and other survivors of trauma.

Dr John Sterland is a Consultant Occupational Physician for West Hertfordshire Hospitals Trust, and other sectors. He had many years as a GP before specialist training at Kings, and has a special interest in developing a common understanding and approach to stress. He conducted a webinar “Setting Shaping the Stress Consultation” for the Society of Occupational Medicine in February 2020, which can be viewed through the SOM website. In his opinion the issues are pervasive and complex and would benefit from interdisciplinary ventilation.
Mark Tarn qualified in 1990 and has spent half his career as a GP in the Armed Forces and the other half as a psychiatrist in a number of settings.  Mark first became interested in occupational mental health as an Army GP and, after retraining, served as a consultant psychiatrist in a military occupational setting.  Subsequently he worked as a forensic psychiatrist in the independent sector.  Mark continues to work on projects associated with occupational mental health and was part of the Welfare and Wellbeing Team at the recent NHS Nightingale Hospital (London).
Daniel Sherwood is a consultant liaison psychiatrist working for the Ministry of Defence. He served for 18 years as an RAF Medical Officer and was the RAF’s professional lead for psychiatry prior to his retirement from military service in 2019.  

His professional interests include functional illnesses, aviation medicine, medical education and the interface between art and psychiatry. Dan provides a psychiatry consultancy service for creative writers who wish to cover mental health topics accurately.

Derek Tracy is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, London. His directorate is a nationally innovative integrated model encompassing adult social care, mental and physical health services. He's a senior lecturer at King's and University College London, a board member of the British Journal of Psychiatry, and a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. He likes running and enthusiastic people; he dislikes whinging and butter. 

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