Celebrating Pride 2020

This June marks  51 years since the Stonewall Riots, and 50 years since the first-ever Gay Pride parade. 

Now Pride is a more important part of the calendar than ever before, even if this year’s is being celebrated during the lockdown. At RCPsych, we’re commemorating half a century of Pride with five amazing interviews. 

Dr Sarah Stansfeld, Dr Ian Hall, Dr Louise Theodosiou, Dr Parvinder Shergill and Dr Alan Mackenzie all spoke to us about what Pride means to them.

Dr Sarah Standfeld

Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Sarah Stansfeld discusses what Pride means to her and the issues faced by young LGBTQ+ people today. She also acknowledges the difficult relationship that the LGBTQ+ community has had with psychiatry in the past. 

Dr Ian Hall

Dr Ian Hall is a psychiatrist working with people with learning disabilities in East London. He took the time to talk to us about Pride and how his personal experiences influenced him to work in mental health. 

Dr Louise Theodosiou

A child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr Louise Theodosiou works in Central Manchester and is involved in the Lancashire, Greater Manchester, and South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Network. Dr Louise reflects on the first Pride she ever went to in the 90s. 

Dr Alan Mackenzie 

Working in Glasgow as a Forensic Psychiatry Specialty Registrar, Dr Alan Mackenzie talks about a sense of belonging, acknowledging privilege, and how mental health professionals can learn and move forward with the LGBTQ+ community. 

Dr Parvinder Shergill

Dr Parvinder Shergill is a psychiatrist, actress, filmmaker, writer, presenter and podcaster who specialises in creating LGBT, Black, Asian and minority ethnic media. Dr Parvinder talks about the LGBTQ+ Community in her film-making and the conscious effort of supporting patients and colleagues.


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