VIPSIG Essay Prize

This prize was established to promote interest and encourage excellence in volunteering (UK or abroad) and international psychiatry. Entrants are invited to submit an original essay of their choice. Submissions may include (but are not limited to): a description of a clinical or charitable experience or project; elective report; reflective essay; editorial; research; audit; or literature review.

Eligibility: Medical students, foundation trainees, psychiatry trainees, SAS and specialty doctors.

Prize: Trophy and certificate

Frequency: Annual

Where presented: VIPSIG conference or training event

Closing date: 1st Monday of December, annually

Submissions: Entrants will be asked to submit an electronic copy of their essay to Mandip Jheeta, VIPSIG Finance Officer, at:


Essay of no more than 3,000 words, which must be the entrant’s own work.

The spirit of the prize is to promote interest and encourage excellence in volunteering in psychiatry (UK or abroad) and/ or international psychiatry.

Essays will be judged on their overall quality and value, and relevance for professional development. Preference is likely to be given to essays involving some volunteer work.

The prize will be judged by a panel of 3 judges appointed by VIPSIG, and awarded to the best entry or shared between joint best entries.

Consideration will be given to an entrant’s seniority and expected level of experience.

A project involving collaboration with psychiatrists or any other discipline may be submitted, but the prize will be awarded to a single entrant. Where collaborative work is submitted, there should be a clear indication of the contribution by entrant and collaborator(s).

Please include on your submission: name; grade/ seniority; email address; and declaration of the role of any funding and potential conflicts of interest.

Entrants who are uncertain whether their essay is suitable for submission, or would like further information, may contact VIPSIG directly:

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