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Substances involved in addiction may include alcohol, illicit drugs, prescribed or over-the-counter medication, and volatile solvents.

There are a range of treatment options, from advice and information, to psychological and pharmacological treatments. Treatment may include drug substitution or detoxification regimes.

Patient needs may involve wider healthcare professionals such as GPs, hospital-based specialists in liver disease, HIV, and mental health teams, etc. We also work with other professionals and disciplines to address social, housing and employment problems.

Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Prof. Julia Sinclair 2018 (E) Chair
Dr Emily Finch 2018 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Louise Sell 2020 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Natalie Ashburner 2021 (A) PTC Rep
Dr Prunwat Bijral 2018 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Henrietta Bowden Jones 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sally Braithwaite 2018 (E) Committee Member
Ms Emma Daggers 2020 (A) Patient/Carer Representative
Dr Ed Day 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Abhishek Goli 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Faye Graver 2019 (A) Wales
Dr Deborah Judge 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Nicky Kalk 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Francis Keaney 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Devashish Konar 2021 (C) Sustainability Champion
Dr Rebecca Lawrence 2020 (A) Scotland
Dr Julia Lewis 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Jane Marshall 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jan Melichar 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Donna Mullen 2018 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Thomas Phillips 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Peter Rice 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Luisa Searle 2021 (C) Equality Champion
Dr Alexander Vale 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Derrett Watts 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sarah Welch 2018 (E) Committee Member

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