Intellectual Disability psychiatry research is based within the Division of Psychiatry at University College London. It is led by Professor Angela Hassiotis.

Our research interests include: 

Health services research, epidemiology, mental ill health along the lifespan, stigma and social determinants of health

Key members of the group include:

Dr Afia Ali 

Dr Vaso Totsika 

For further information please contact: Prof Angela Hassiotis 



The learning disabilities research group is multi-disciplinary and includes senior academics from psychiatry, psychology and sociology. The group undertakes four main areas of research.

The group has close academic links with other disciplines at both the University of Cambridge and at other academic centres.

Its PhD students come from a range of disciplines including psychology, psychiatry, molecular biology, geography, sociology and social anthropology.

Research in intellectual disability psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh is primarily conducted through The Patrick Wild Centre.  Research is multidisciplinary with a particular, though not exclusive, interest in genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Collaboration with fundamental scientists from a range of backgrounds, including psychology and neuroscience, is encouraged. 

Details of recent research projects can be seen here, while ongoing projects can be viewed here.

Key members of the group include: 

Dr Andrew Stanfield 

Dr Andrew McKechanie

Dr Lindsay Mizen

For further information please contact: Dr Andrew Stanfield


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