The bipolar disorder research network (BDRN) is a group of researchers and research participants in the UK undertaking a major study aimed at investigating the underlying causes of bipolar disorder. The study is funded by two of the world’s leading research charities:

The study is led by research groups from Cardiff and Birmingham Universities. Working with collaborators in Europe and the USA, it is the largest study of bipolar disorder in the world. As part of this study researchers are very interested in severe episodes of illness following childbirth.

They are currently recruiting individuals with a history of bipolar disorder throughout the UK and are particularly looking for participants who have:

  • experienced an episode of postpartum psychosis
  • have a history of bipolar disorder and are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.

To find out more about the study visit the BDRN website.

This retrospective multi-centre naturalistic study (BISMArC) aims to describe prescribing patterns in women with bipolar or schizo-affective illnesses at risk of or experiencing episodes associated with childbearing in specialist perinatal services in the UK.

It also aims to determine recurrence rates and the outcomes of preventative treatment.

Data collection at nine sites has now concluded and is being processed.

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