About us

Our Faculty and Executive, is made up of consultant psychiatrists, specialty doctors, trainee psychiatrists, service users and carer group representatives.

We provide a network of rehabilitation specialists, spanning the specialist teams of rehabilitation, early intervention, assertive outreach and forensic psychiatry and aims to stay informed in all fields relevant to the us.

Killaspy et al, 2005 define Rehabilitation psychiatry as;  ‘A whole systems approach to recovery from mental illness that maximises an individual’s quality of life and social inclusion by encouraging their skills, promoting independence and autonomy in order to give them hope for the future and leading to successful community living through appropriate support’.

Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Rajesh Mohan 2017 (E) Chair
Dr Arpan Dutta 2017 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Sunil Nodiyal 2019 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Saeed Alam 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Kate Aldersey 2018 (C) SAS Doctor Representative
Dr Shahzad Alikhan 2015 (A) Committee Member
Dr Shahzad Alikhan 2015 (C) Committee Member
Mr Maurice Arbuthnott 2020 (A) Committee Member
Dr Hemant Bagalkote 2017 (E) Committee Member
Miss Ritah Bernadt 2016 (A) Committee Member
Miss Ritah Bernadt 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Shrish Bhatkal 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Sabina Burza 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr William Calthorpe 2017 (RRO) Committee Member
Dr Maire Cooney 2019 (C) Scotland
Dr Matthieu Crews 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Nuwan Dissanayaka 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jennifer Drife 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Thomas Edwards 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Elizabeth Elsworth 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Nimanpreet Gajebasia 2018 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Kabir Garg 2019 (C) PTC Rep
Dr James Jeffs 2018 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Sridevi Kalidindi 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Ciara Kelly 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Priya Khanna 2017 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Helen Killaspy 2013 (C) Immediate Past Chair
Dr Celice McDermott 2018 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Andrew Molodynski 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Patricia Moynihan 2013 (C) Northern Ireland
Dr Rajesh Nehete 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Maung Oakarr 2019 (E) Committee Member
Ms Karen Persaud 2016 (A) Committee Member
Ms Karen Persaud 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Asha Praseedom 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Adarsh Shetty 2015 (C) Wales
Dr Amrith Shetty 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jonas Sundarakumar 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Phalaksh Walishetty 2016 (RRO) Committee Member
Dr Stephanie Young 2012 (RRO) Committee Member

We aim to:

  • Provide a body of expert opinion in the fields of rehabilitation and longer term mental health conditions to the College, the Department of Health and other relevant bodies, including service providers, commissioners and voluntary organisations
  • Provide advice and positively influence national and international policies as they affect persons with longer term mental health conditions, their carers and the doctors and other professionals involved in their care
  • Promote knowledge and understanding and provide opportunities for the professional development of all doctors, allied health professionals, commissioners and managers, in areas relevant to rehabilitation, recovery and social psychiatry
  • Advocate for service users with complex longer term psychiatric conditions in all settings in all relevant fora
  • Continuously promote and develop postgraduate training in rehabilitation and social psychiatry.
  • Support trainers and trainees in the field of rehabilitation psychiatry
    encourage and promote scientific study and research in enduring psychiatric disability and the social factors that limit functioning
  • Collaborate to improve the evidence-base in effective interventions and service models for this service user group
  • Act as the coordinating body for the regional networks of rehabilitation psychiatrists
  • Set national standards and peer review accreditation of care in psychiatric rehabilitation, in collaboration with our College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI)
  • Constantly strive to achieve parity of esteem between mental health and physical health
  • Strive to improve the physical health of those in rehabilitation settings.

Regional representatives are our local link. They are invited to attend central executive committee meetings and help influence College and national policies on rehabilitation and recovery.

Regional representatives have a say on local job descriptions for consultants and specialty doctors.

They also have the opportunity to offer rehabilitation expertise to local deaneries and schools of psychiatry.

List of regional representatives

Dr Henry Andrews KSS
Dr Henry Andrews Wessex
Dr William Calthorpe West Midlands
Dr Maire Cooney Scotland
Dr Arpan Dutta Mersey
Dr Nimanpreet Gajebasia Trent
Dr James Jeffs Oxford
Dr Priya Khanna North East
Dr Celice McDermott South West
Dr Rajesh Nehete Eastern
Dr Adarsh Shetty Wales
Dr Phalaksh Walishetty Yorkshire
Dr Stephanie Young London, Central and North East
Dr Stephanie Young London, South East
Dr Stephanie Young London, South West
Dr Stephanie Young London, North West

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