Psychiatry should be at forefront of medical training, Health Education England says

Statement / comment
19 July 2019

Dr Kate Lovett, the College’s Dean, has warmly welcomed a new report by Health Education England stressing the vital importance of psychiatry in a junior doctor's training.

Dr Lovett said: “It is very positive that Health Education England’s review of the Foundation Programme recognises psychiatry as a vital part of every newly qualified doctor's training.

"Whether or not foundation doctors go on to become psychiatrists, they will encounter patients with mental illness throughout their careers and in all medical settings.

"It is essential that they are properly skilled to recognise, respect and help people with mental illness recover.

"We warmly welcome the development of new initiatives to build on the expansion of psychiatry within the foundation programme and to deliver training and inspire a new generation of doctors to develop expertise in psychiatry.”

Read the full report here: The Postgraduate Medical Foundation Programme Review (pdf)

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