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  • Intellectual disabilities

    in their care. Anxiety disorder Autism spectrum disorder Bipolar disorder Challenging behaviour Dementia, The child with general learning disability : what parents and teachers need to know Autism and autism

  • Intellectual disability research

    include Intellectual disabilities, autism, genetic syndromes particularly Down syndrome, 22q11 deletion, AIMS-2-TRIALS for autism; the LonDowns Consortium, HEROES and GO-DS21 for Down syndrome. We, science research. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a particular area of interest, which includes both

  • Perinatal project resources | Royal College of Psychiatrists

    health. Understand the management of menopause related mood symptoms. Identify how Autism can present in women Demonstrate a clear understanding of common comorbidities with Autism and how these can be evaluated Describe the support that may benefit women who have Autism in the perinatal period, . Lockwood Estrin, G., Milner, V., Spain, D., Happé, F., & Colvert, E. (2021). Barriers to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis for Young Women and Girls: a Systematic Review. Review journal of autism

  • Physician Associate in Mental Health programme shortlisted for prestigious HSJ award

    health of patients with serious mental illness, autism and learning disabilities. They carry out, their skills and knowledge within mental health, learning disability and autism while improving care

  • 2021 Position Statements

    DONATE Search Search Search Position Statements are approved by the College’s Policy and Public Affairs Committee and are concise statements of College policy. These statements are available to download in PDF format (free of charge). Stopping the over-medication of people with intellectual disability, autism, ) We know that those with Intellectual Disability, Autism or both are more likely to experience

  • Intellectual disability faculty news | Royal College of Psychiatrists

    with intellectual disability, autism or both (STOMP) and supporting treatment and approapriate medication, not be the best thing to help people with learning disabilities or autism who are showing challenging, of people with intellectual disability, autism or both (STOMP) and supporting treatment, people with learning disabilities or autism who are showing challenging behaviours Links

  • Parliamentary briefings

    Mental health in prisons (MoJ roundtable) Autism and mental health Long terms sustainability of the NHS

  • Teams' journeys so far| Demand, Capacity and Flow QI Collaborative | Royal College of Psychiatrists

    Autism Spectrum Disorder Service Waltham Forest Mental Health Single Point of Access Service Havering

  • RCPsych respond to major plan to recover urgent and emergency care services

    Training on Learning Disability and Autism. “Response time standards are vital to ensure timely access

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists appoints Deputy Editor of Good Morning Britain as new director

    on various national campaigns including on autism, food poverty and an award-winning loneliness

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