Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme

Information for mentors

Welcome to the RCPsych Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme Mentor Network.

We are senior medical leaders who recognise the value of high quality medical leadership and management and are proud to mentor fellows on the RCPsych Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme.

We support fellows through the scheme via regular mentoring and connect with one another to share our experiences, hear how fellows have made an impact within each other’s organisations, and provide opportunities for our own continuing professional development.

The scheme is not only an excellent opportunity to support and strengthen the development of medical leadership but helps improve patient care locally and engages high performing trainees with our organisation.

If you are interested in supporting the scheme and would like the perspective of one of our mentors, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be very happy to arrange a conversation.

With best wishes,
Dr Kapil Bakshi
Chair of the RCPsych Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme Mentor Network.

Important dates for mentors (2022/23 scheme)




Wednesday 6 September 2023Mentor Support Session12pm-1pm
Wednesday 8 November 2023Mentor Support Session


Friday 9 February 2024Mentor Support Session12pm-1pm

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Celebrating success: from then, to now, to next (Graduation session for Fellows)

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