Our role supporting you

We’re a national community representing psychiatric trainees within the UK and we're here to support you throughout your training.

We believe passionately that by driving improvements in the quality of training and through supporting and valuing each other, we can improve the quality of care and the lives of people with mental illness.

We have published our PTC Strategy for 2023–2024, highlighting our key priorities and overarching mission over the next 12 months. Read about our PTC Strategy for 2023- 2024.

Our role within the College

We’re a standing committee of the Council, formed of representatives of Senior Trainees and Pre-Membership Psychiatric Trainees (PMPTs) of each Division and Devolved Nation.

Our remit is to advise the Council on all matters affecting training and trainees.

Almost every committee in the College has a trainee representative, and we take an active role in influencing College policy.

Our role outside the College

We’re represented at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges via the Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group (now the Academy Trainee Doctor's Committee), and at the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee meetings.

PTC representatives attend meetings of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees and are involved in various working groups looking at training issues across Europe.

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