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Dr Laura Thorn

Dr Laura Thorn

Chair, Psychiatric Trainees Committee

Dr Laura Thorn is the current Chair of the Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee, a committee of Council consisting of 50 representatives from a variety of locations and sub-groups representing the 6,000 Psychiatry trainees in the UK.

Laura is delighted to have been elected Chair of the PTC, and to sit on Council. She is committed to representing trainees across the Divisions and Devolved Nations and delivering on the PTC strategy, which is in line with the College’s visions and goals.

Laura is currently a Specialty Registrar in Older Adults (Old Age) Psychiatry in Wales. Having completed the initial years of her core training full time she now works less than full-time and believes her experiences of different types of training have allowed her to appreciate some of the challenges trainees face. Laura is passionate about Old Age Psychiatry and improving the lives of those with mental illness, but also the doctors treating them.

She has a particular interest in medical ethics, having recently completed a masters degree in biomedical and healthcare ethics and sits on a research ethics committee. Laura is also passionate about trainee wellbeing which she believes is more important than ever given the increasing pressures doctors are experiencing.

Outside of work, Laura is a busy mum who enjoys reading, cooking and travelling.

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