Clinical Impact Award citation

Please complete this form if you’ve been asked to provide a citation for a Clinical Impact Award applicant.

What to include

The citation should corroborate recent evidence of:

  • wider patient or other benefit outside the immediate area of responsibility that has evidence of a positive impact on NHS efficiency or cost-effectiveness
  • impact of innovation and/or research through it being implemented into widespread use, guidelines or other national care pathways
  • impact of postgraduate education and training on resource use or improvements in service quality
  • widespread uptake of new technology or guidance in clinical practice.

Citations should not focus on the work for, or the benefit to, the College specifically, without relevant national impact on the NHS.

Please avoid acronyms and don’t write in the first person (i.e., I have worked with Dr. xx for 10 years), as all citations are submitted from the Registrar.

Please submit your citation by 5pm on 9 June 2022.

The citation must be no longer that 900 characters (including spaces).


Please make sure your citation is complete before submitting – if you paste text of more than 900 characters into the form, your citation will be cut off.

Enter your citation

The citation must be no longer that 900 characters (including spaces). Your citation will be cut off if you go over this limit.

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