Publications Management Board

The Publications Management Board (PMB) reports directly to Council and meets twice per year (usually April and October), one meeting chaired by the College Editor and one by the College Treasurer.

The remit of PMB is:

  • to monitor the publishing partnership between the College and Cambridge University Press
  • to decide upon all matters of financial and business policy relating to the Journals and Books of the College
  • to report the financial accounts for the Journals and Books of the College
  • to horizon-scan for new developments within journals and books publishing, to inform strategic planning
  • to receive Editor-in-Chief and Publisher reports of Journal and Books performance against the respective editorial strategies
  • to approve the appointment of the Editor-in-Chief for each Journal and for the Books Programme. Note: Recruitment of the College Editor is managed by the College Council and Officers.

Chaired by: Professor Gin Malhi

Contact person:

The Membership of the Board

College Editor (Chair)
Treasurer, RCPsych (co-Chair for one meeting per year)
President, RCPsych
Dean, RCPsych
Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych Advances
Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych Bulletin
Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych International
Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych Open
Editor-in-Chief, RCPsych Books
Publisher, Journals, Cambridge University Press
Publishing Editor, Cambridge University Press
Senior Commissioning Editor, Cambridge University Press
Marketing Executive, Cambridge University Press
Director, Strategic Communications, RCPsych
Head of Publishing, RCPsych
Head of Finance, RCPsych
Managing Editor, BJPsych
Managing Editor, BJPsych Bulletin
Managing Editor, BJPsych Advances, International, Open
Co-opted committee members as required