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Dr Indermeet Sawhney

Dr Indermeet Sawhney

Chair, Intellectual Disability Faculty

Dr Indermeet Sawhney is a Consultant psychiatrist in the Psychiatry of Intellectual Disabilities and the Clinical Director for her services in Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Sawhney  was elected to the Faculty Executive Committee in 2018, serving as Academic Secretary. She is currently the Deputy Regional Advisor for the Eastern Division. In the past she was the editor for the newsletter for the Eastern Division. Dr Sawhney has a Masters in Mental health Law (LLM) and has championed for the human rights of people with intellectual disability. She is a member of the Midlands and East of England Mental Health Act approval panel.

Dr Sawhney is passionate about improving experiences and outcomes for people with Intellectual Disabilities and has led on a series of service development projects locally and nationally. Most notably she has commenced the first comprehensive physical health clinic model for PWID nationally in her services. Following a project she lead on, reasonable adjustments have been made to the Mental health tribunal hearings to improve experience for PWID. Dr Sawhney has published widely on neurodevelopmental disorders, STOMP, impact of COVID, bone health amongst other relevant clinical topics. 

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