The College’s Council discuss the affairs of the organisation and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on many of the biggest decisions the College has to make.

What is Council responsible for?

Council has overall responsibility for education and psychiatric training, policy, professional practice, professional standards, public engagement, quality improvement and research.

Other responsibilities include:

  • to elect people to fellowship and membership of the College
  • education, policy, professional practice, professional standards, public engagement, quality, research, and training in psychiatry
  • considering and approving applications for pre-membership psychiatric trainees (PMPTs), affiliates, mental health associates, specialist associates and international associate membership
  • to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for new faculties
  • to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees about the nature, scope and extent of the privileges of membership, including changes
  • making, changing or cancelling regulations about the examinations. (The council has no power to make other regulations but may make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.)

There are 11 Committees of Council.

See our notice to Members about the re-election of the Honorary Officers.

Headlines from the most recent meeting

Below is a round-up of items covered at our first Council meeting of the year, which took place on Friday 20 January.

  • Dr Jacob Krzanwski, one of the College’s Sustainability Leads, and the College’s Sustainability Officer, Chris Gibbons, presented an update on the College’s work towards achieving net zero by 2040, including how this work aligns with the College values.
  • Dr Jo Black (Chair of Perinatal Faculty) was joined by Professors Louise Howard and Marian Knight and Dr Philippa Greenfield to give a presentation (‘Focus on maternal deaths’) to highlight disparities in maternal mortality rates
  • College CEO Paul Rees, updated Council with news of our Presidential election result which saw Dr Lade Smith CBE win the election in a contest that saw the highest turnout (39.4%) since 1993. In July when our current President Dr Adrian James demits office, Lade will become the College’s first black leader and 5thwoman President. The Council expressed that they looking forward to working with Lade.
  • Congratulations were offered to Professors Kam Bhui and Helen Stokes-Lampard on being nominated for Honorary Fellows of the College.
  • The Council formally agreed to the College being an anti-racist organisation – something all members of the Mental Health Policy Group, which we are part of, are looking to do.

Council minutes

Council minutes are not classified as public records. Access is restricted according to the RCPsych Access to Archives Policy.