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Dr Jane Morris

Dr Jane Morris

Vice President, College and Chair, RCPsych in Scotland

Jane worked in various medical specialities, including General Practice, before training as Psychiatrist in Edinburgh.  Her higher trainings were in Adult Psychotherapy and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  She has practised in outpatient, day patient and inpatient settings, in different regions of the country, before taking up the post of Clinical Lead for the North of Scotland MCN for Eating Disorders. She was co-founder and chair of EEATS (Eating Disorders Education and Training, Scotland), and chaired the SIGN Guideline on Eating Disorders (SIGN, 2022). 

After her first ‘retirement’ she worked on a Neuropsychiatry Ward and then in Perinatal Mental Health.  She is fascinated by developmental issues throughout the lifespan.  Her latest  book is ‘Improving University Mental Health’ (CUP, 2023).  Having explored diverse areas of our speciality she remains convinced of the centrality of the General Psychiatrist and is concerned that services to people with the most severe – but treatable – mental illnesses have been eroded and neglected across the UK.  Originally a Welsh Brummie, she has lived in Scotland for decades and respects the highly devolved demands and achievements of a nation with its own Parliament, Legal system, and distinct Health and Education. 

She is passionate about teaching and succession planning.  However, her agenda in the role of Chair in Scotland is ‘Workforce, workforce, workforce’.
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