Restrictive interventions in in-patient intellectual disability services How to record, monitor and regulate CR220, December 2018

This report provides comprehensive advice on how to record, monitor and regulate restrictive interventions involving people with intellectual disabilities with mental health and/or challenging behaviour within in-patient services. Up to now, it has essentially been the numbers of interventions that have been focused on through data with limited ability to assess their quality. This Report seeks to support providers in being able to do assess the impact and effectiveness of their restrictive interventions policy beyond just the number of times they are used.


  • Authors and contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Executive summary and recommendations
  • Definitions and scope
  • Chapter 1: Background and context
  • Chapter 2: Relying on numbers
    • Issue 1: Practice quality, the last resort, least restrictive, poor practice and abuse
    • Issue 2: Definitions and degrees of restrictive interventions
    • Issue 3: Outliers
    • Issue 4: Capturing individual patient progress, the whole picture of patient care, and restrictive interventions
    • Issue 5: Lack of a benchmark
  • Chapter 3: Critique of current guidance on the recording, monitoring and regulation of restrictive interventions
  • Chapter 4: Recommendations on recording, monitoring and regulation of restrictive interventions
  • Conclusions
  • References
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