National Audit of Dementia Round 5

Following successful completion of the pilot and evaluation, we propose to roll out the next round of audit in the autumn of 2022.

For this round of audit there are new sampling methodology and tools and a new data collection platform. Further information and guidance can be found below. 

Registration for the next round of the National Audit of Dementia care in general hospitals is now open. Please complete this form to register your hospital.

Acute hospitals are eligible to participate if they have more than one ward admitting adult patients for 24 hours or longer.

Timeline for the next round of audit. 

Information about the timeline, content and tools is available.

For this round of audit, the sample will be identified by prospective identification of patients with dementia or possible dementia as they are admitted to the hospital.

Casenote audit components

1. Identification of eligible patients.

Over a 4-week period (19 September – 14 October), identify all patients with dementia (or probable dementia) admitted to your hospital, submitting demographic and admitting condition information. 

Casenote audit part one

2. Data entry using focussed data set for a sample of patients.

Between 17 October and 3 January, submit data using the focussed data collection tool and new data entry platform.  Depending on whether you are submitting all your data at this time, the minimum sample is 40 or 80 patients.  The patients will be the first 80 admitted during your sampling period.

Casenote audit part two

3. Discharge information 

Complete all records with discharge date and destination. 

Casenote audit part three

The Annual Dementia statement collects information about your hospital relating to care provision and monitoring of the quality of care for people with dementia.  

The output is a series of statements demonstrating the achievement and progress your hospital has made in its work to ensure a good standard of care. 

ADS guidance document

Patient feedback

This is a newly developed tool for the National Audit of Dementia, designed to be used on an ongoing basis.  Each hospital is asked to collect feedback from 3-5 patients per month.

Patient feedback guidance document

Example of patient feedback tool

Carer questionnaire

This tool was used in rounds 3 and 4 of audit and provided ratings for the quality of communication and overall care. You will be sent 200 questionnaires to distribute between September and January, and should aim for a return of 50 (previous average 25). The questionnaire will also be available online.

Carer questionnaire guidance document

Information sheet

Example of carer questionnaire tool

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