NAD Round 5

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a contract to conduct a further three years of audit, commencing in January 2020. View the NAD Round 5 Timeline overview (PDF) for an overview of audit activity.

Round 5 of NAD in general hospitals will see exciting developments to the audit, as we consult on changing the data set to focus on the highest priority and lowest performing items. We will be working with 20 pilot hospitals in 2020 to identify, test and refine the sampling methodology and measures. Further details of which can be found below.

Round 5 of NAD also includes a spotlight audit on care provided in community-based memory services. See below for more details.

The NAD standards consultation is open until 14 November 2019.

To find out more and have your say please read the standards consultation guidance and complete this short survey.

We are inviting expressions of interest from acute general hospitals who would like to be involved in the pilot.

Initial expressions of interest can be registered online.

Expressions of interest will close at the end of December 2019.

Data collection for the main audit will take place in each of the three years of the audit, details of which can be seen in the audit timeline below.

Registration for data collection will open in January 2020.

We are inviting all community-based memory services to take part in this spotlight audit topic. The spotlight will focus on the time it takes for people with dementia to receive physical and mental assessment via community-based memory services.

Data collection will take place in Autumn 2020 and report in June 2021.

Registration will open in 2020.

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