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QIP calendar planners

Calendar style planners have been developed to help our members plan their audit activities. The calendars show the expected time periods for data collection, data submission and reporting by POMH-UK.  

Please note:

  • Calendars may be revised throughout the year – always check you’re referring to the latest version.
  • The expected reporting period will depend on the size of the data set and analysis required. We advise members of any changes to reporting periods once data cleaning and the preliminary analysis is complete.
  • We provide the audit tool and other support materials one month before data collection begins, to help members plan and publicise their data collection.
  • Data collection and online submission periods are stated separately on our calendars to help guide and assist local planning; these activities and timescales may overlap according to local requirements.

You can download our updated calendar for 2021 by clicking the image below. Please note that dates for some topics are provisional as we continue to review the impact of COVID-19 on member services. 

You can also find our calendar for 2022 here, by clicking the image below.

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