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Thank you to all who have submitted data so far for QI programme 23a: Sharing Best Practice Initiatives.

We would like to remind you that data entry is closing on Thursday 30 November 2023 at 4:00pm.

To submit data please go to the  POMH submit your data page.

We’re happy to provide short extensions for data entry, please email  if this is something you require.

The POMH team are undergoing data analysis for the QI programme 22a Use of medicines with anticholinergic (antimuscarinic) properties in older people’s mental health services.

We will be in touch with members at report dissemination. Any queries about this QI programme, please email

We would like to invite our members to review their POMH membership for 2024.

Please visit our website for further information. To join POMH, please complete this online form.

Our updated calendar planner for 2024 is now available and confirms the final QI programme for next year: Topic 24a The use of opioids in mental health services.

Calendar planners for our audits and other materials can also be found on the POMH Resources page.

A recording of the POMH webinar event introducing the new POMH QI programme, Topic 23a: Sharing Best Practice Initiatives'  from 20 September 2023 and an edited version of the slide-sets are available on the POMH Members' Area.  

Any queries on how to access this site, please email

We are pleased to confirm that the slide sets for the POMH Quality Improvement Programme Topic 7g: 'Monitoring of patients prescribed lithium'  have now been released and are available for POMH members to download via the online Members' Area.

LISERS Resource

The slides mention the Lithium Side Effects Rating Scale (LISERS). This has been made available in the Change Interventions section of the Members' Area of the POMH website. The LISERS checklist may be incorporated in electronic patient records/EPMA systems.

We are pleased to confirm that our supplementary report on the POMH Quality Improvement Programme Topic 7g: 'Monitoring of patients prescribed lithium'  has now been released.

The report is available to members of POMH only and can be downloaded from the online Members' Area.

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