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Find out more about how RCPsych in Northern Ireland is run.

Devolved Council

Dr Richard Wilson has been the Chair of RCPsych in Northern Ireland since July 2020. He took over from Professor Gerry Lynch having been elected in December 2019.

The Executive Committee of the Devolved Council is the principal decision-making body of RCPsych in Northern Ireland.  All major budget and policy matters are considered by the Executive Committee which acts as a link between RCPsych in Northern Ireland and the central College in London. 

The Devolved Council meets four times a year and is made up of the honorary officers and representatives of each of the faculties and specialist committees, together with the patient and carer representatives.

  • Chair - Dr Richard Wilson
  • Vice Chair - Dr Stephen Moore
  • Education and Training Committee Representative in Northern Ireland - Dr Dearbhail Lewis
  • Finance Officer - Dr Liz Dawson
  • Elected Members - Dr Anette Thampi, Dr Boris Pinto, Dr Maeve Largy and Dr Adrian East 
  • Policy Lead - Dr Michael Doherty

Faculties and Committee representatives

  • SAS Committee – Chair Dr Bob Boggs
  • Forensic Faculty – Chair Dr Paul Devine
  • Addictions Faculty – Chair Dr Donna Mullan
  • General Adult Faculty – Chair Dr Ruth Barr (acting)
  • ID Faculty – Chair Dr Arun Subramanian
  • CAP Faculty – Chair Dr Mark Rodgers
  • POA Faculty – Dr Conor Barton
  • Liaison SIG – Dr Joanne Minay
  • Rehabilitation SIG - Vacant
  • Perinatal SIG – Dr Julie Anderson
  • PIPSIG – Vacant
  • Academic SIG  –  Chair Dr Ciaran Mullholland
  • Neuropsychiatry SIG - Dr Peter Trimble
  • PTC Reps  – Drs Ross Irvine, Chris Walsh and Dr Alex Todd

Co-opted Members

  • One Patient Representative – Bill McMaster
  • One Carer Representative - Orla Conway
  • Public Engagement Officer - Dr Maggie McGurgan
  • Regional Advisor - Dr Ryan O'Neill
  • The Chair's Lead for suicide prevention -  Dr Gerry Lynch
  • The Chair's lead for the Review of Mental Health Legislation (NI) -  Dr Gerry Lynch
  • A psychiatrist / mental health representative from DoH -  Dr Ian McMaster



Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

RCPsych NI has five elected honorary officers who also serve on its Senior Leadership Team, which oversees the operational aspects of the College in Northern Ireland.  

RCPsych NI has four honorary officers who also serve on its Senior Management Team, together with the manager and policy officer of the local College. It oversees the operational aspects of the College in Northern Ireland. The team consists of the following officers.

  • Chair: Dr Richard Wilson, FRCPsych. Richard is a Child and Adolescent Consultant within the Northern Trust. He was formerly the Chair of the College’s CAP Faculty and was elected Chair of the Northern Ireland Devolved Nation in 2020 and is also a member of UK Council as well as a Vice President of the College.  
  • Vice-Chair: Dr Stephen Moore, FRCPsych. Stephen was appointed Vice-Chair of RCPsych NI in 2021. Stephen is a Consultant Psychiatrist working in South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust. He is interested in information systems to support good clinical practice, including clinical IT systems and also data in healthcare and medical education.
  • Finance Officer: Dr Liz Dawson, MRCspych, is a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry within the Southern Trust. Previously she chaired the RCPsych NI SAS Committee and in 2019 was awarded UK SAS Doctor of the Year. She was appointed Finance Officer in 2020.
  • Education Officer: Dr Dearbhail Lewis, MRCPsych. Dearbhail is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist in the Belfast Trust. She is an Educational Supervisor for Foundation Year 1 doctors, as well as both Core and Senior Trainee Psychiatrists.

College staff

RCPsych NI is supported by Emma Allen, Manager, Trudy Parry, Devolved Nation Coordinator, and Thomas McKeever, Policy Officer.

Faculties and Committees


  • Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Chair - Dr Mark Rodgers
  • Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Chair - Dr Paul Devine
  • Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry Chair - Dr Ruth Barr (acting)
  • Faculty of the Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Chair - Dr Arun Subramanian
  • Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Chair - Dr Conor Barton
  • Faculty of Addictions - Dr Donna Mullan
  • Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy - Dr Owen McNeill

Special Interest Groups

  • Academic Psychiatry Special Interest Group Chair - Dr Ciaran Mulholland
  • Eating Disorders Special Interest Group Chair - Dr David Coyle
  • Liaison Psychiatry Special Interest Group Chair - Dr Jo Minay
  • Neuropsychiatry Special Interest Group Chair - Dr Peter Trimble
  • Perinatal Psychiatry Special Interest Group Chair - Dr Julie Anderson
  • Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Special Interest Group Chair - Vacant

Speciality and Associate (SAS) Committee Chair: Dr Bob Boggs

Psychiatric Trainees Committee Representatives: Dr Ross Irvine, Dr Chris Walsh and Dr Alexandrina Todd