Best ever Choose Psychiatry campaign

This year’s Choose Psychiatry campaign was our best ever, with famous influencers on social media helping our message get to over 10 million people and record numbers visiting our website.

Choose Psychiatry 2022

Stephen Fry, Alastair Campbell and a wide range of other individuals and mental health organisations lent their support on twitter, to help us spread our important campaign messages.

During the campaign – which began on Monday 17 October and ended on Wednesday 30 November – we had 97,000 page views of our Choose Psychiatry web content, a record since we began running the campaign in 2017 and triple the total from last year.

The stats also showed that our website visitors were more engaged with the content than ever before, with people staying for an average of 2 minutes 20 seconds on those pages, beating the previous record which was about 1 minute 30 seconds.

Our Choose Psychiatry landing page received was viewed over 70,000 times, with 7,400 people going on to read about how to become a psychiatrist, and 3,200 to find out about next steps, including how to become an associate member of the College.

Within our section on types of psychiatrist, the page about neuropsychiatry was the most popular with around 1,500 views.

There were nearly 400 views of our page about how to support the campaign, and we thank all our members who used our banners on social media, or just tweeted why they chose psychiatry, or continue to choose psychiatry.

We also thank the many members who volunteered to write blog posts, take part in podcasts, or be videoed as part of the campaign, your support was hugely appreciated.

The campaign ran strongly from the first day when our special campaign video was launched and 3,800 visited our website, to the final day when we published a podcast in which our new Associate Dean for Choose Psychiatry, Dr Declan Hyland, interviewed trainees who have taken up different training options, from Less Than Full Time Training to Out of Programme.

The podcast page – which was one part of this year’s campaign aimed at retaining psychiatrists – was visited over 600 times.

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