"I have always been interested in how the brain works. I’d say psychiatry is about complex problem solving."

The video and information below explains what a Neuropsychiatrist does, what makes the specialty different from others in psychiatry, and why it might be a great career choice for you.

Neuropsychiatrists work with patients with mental disorders which in most cases originate from a brain malfunction.

Neuropsychiatry is a growing specialty combining organic (neurological) and psychological aspects of illness.

The link between the science you learn at medical school and your practice is very clear.

More than most other types of psychiatry, you’ll spend a lot of time looking at images of the brain and interpreting effects of conditions and treatments.

As a Neuropsychiatrist, you are likely to work in a multi-disciplinary setting alongside other Neuroscience clinicians, for example in a general hospital.

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