General adult psychiatrist

"Being alongside adults experiencing mental ill health is an immense privilege. Adults not only carry complex responsibilities including work and family but also have significant capacity to change. It's about realising potential and recovery."

The video and information below explains what a General Adult Psychiatrist does, what makes the specialty different from others in psychiatry, and why it might be a great career choice for you.

General Adult Psychiatrists normally treat people who are ‘working age’, with a wide range of disorders, including manifestations of ‘organic’ brain disorders, psychoses, depressive illness and personality disorders. They work closely with other agencies within mental health. The psychiatrist works as an integral part of the team.

Work in general adult psychiatry allows you to maintain a varied practice, but there are also many opportunities to subspecialise. As such, you could work in a variety of settings and with a huge range of colleagues.

Knowledge of psychiatric disorders is developing, as are treatments. General adult psychiatry is, therefore, a rapidly changing area of psychiatry and one that will allow significant personal development for those within it.

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