Child and adolescent psychiatrist

"Patients often make progress from being extremely unwell to getting back to school and leading a full, productive life. This hopeful aspect of the specialty is extremely rewarding and fulfilling".

The video and information below explains what a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist does, what makes the specialty different from others in psychiatry, and why it might be a great career choice for you.

Child and adolescent psychiatrists work with children and young people who have mental health problems.

They deal with a wide range of mental health problems, including emotional and psychiatric problems. Much of the work is to identify the problem for the young people and advise on what may help.

How you will help

Mental health problems in childhood can have an enormous impact on a child's development.

The stress and impact on families is also immense.

By treating and curing children with mental health problems, not only can pain be quelled, but whole life trajectories can be altered.

Identifying disorders early means that you have a better chance at successful treatment.

Child psychiatrists need an ability to understand issues from a range of perspectives as it usually involves working with the child/young person’s carers as well as the child or young person.

Where you will work

As a psychiatrist in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), most of your work will take place in outpatient settings and clinics, though there are some inpatients settings in crisis or with serious mental health problems.

You’ll work as part of a multidisciplinary service including other child mental health professionals. You’ll also work in liaison with other agencies such as schools and social services.

Child and adolescent psychiatry is a fascinating specialty which is undersubscribed in comparison to paediatrics, with which it has a large cross-over.

There are increasing opportunities to sub-specialise, and to pursue other career-advancing activities, such as teaching or research.

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