Rehabilitation and social psychiatrist

Rehabilitation psychiatry focuses on the needs of people with longer term and complex mental health problems.

The video and information below explains what a Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatrist does, what makes the specialty different from others in psychiatry, and why it might be a great career choice for you.

The term “recovery” is now often used to emphasise the need to focus on quality of life rather than simply relief from symptoms.

This field involves work with people’s families and social circles to promote integration or reintegration into the local community. Individuals’ values and beliefs must be respected and integrated into treatment plans.

Most commonly, service users in this area have had a significant period of contact with mental health services and generally will have psychotic illnesses which have not been easily treated.

Psychiatrists are therefore required to take a broad view of an individual’s wellbeing, work closely with other organisations and look to build improvement in life rather than expect quick, simple results.

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