Chairs in Wales join forces

Four women who head up Medical Royal Colleges in Wales have written an open letter describing misogyny, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Chairwoman of RCPsych in Wales, Dr Maria Atkins, said:

"I've heard from multiple women over the years that during night-time shifts, they've been propositioned by male colleagues and felt pressured to engage in sexual acts. When they've refused they are penalised.

"It can be very damaging to some less experienced or younger women, because they will be discouraged from engaging with a team, which might have been the speciality of medicine that they wanted to progress their career in."

The Welsh government said:

"Harassment and sexual violence is abhorrent and has no place in our NHS."

The open letter is co-signed by:

  • Dr Olwen Williams – Chairwoman, Welsh Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
  • Dr Hilary Williams – Vice-President for Wales, Royal College of Physicians
  • Dr Rowena Christmas – Chairwoman Royal College of GPs Wales
  • Dr Maria Atkins – Chairwoman Royal College of Psychiatrists Wales

It is also supported by a number of senior doctors from groups representing medical professionals.

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