Accrediting organisation for medical psychotherapy

Alongside the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), we have worked together to provide a pathway for medical psychotherapists wishing to become members of the UKCP.

Medical psychotherapists who hold GMC specialist registration in medical psychotherapy are eligible to apply for UKCP membership.

What is AcOMP?

AcOMP is an organisational member of the UKCP existing within the UKCP College of Medical Psychotherapists. It is also a sub group of our faculty executive committee.

The UKCP’s organisational members are conduits for membership and all applicants must apply via an organisational member. AcOMP is the UKCP's organisational member able to accredit those with medical psychotherapy training.

AcOMP also offers membership to those with medical psychotherapy specialist registration who already hold UKCP membership.  

AcOMP exists solely to lead and manage the accrediting process, and in so doing contributes to the liveliness and development of medical psychotherapy.

Read our FAQs.

Without UKCP membership

The UKCP requires new applicants to be members of the relevant organisational member. You are eligible for membership of AcOMP if you:

  • practice in the field of medical psychotherapy and are in good standing for CPD*
  • are currently registered with the General Medical Council with a license to practice
  • hold medical psychotherapy specialist registration or dual specialist registration with the General Medical Council, either by the CCT or CESR route
  • hold one of the categories of membership of the College.

In the future, it is hoped that AcOMP will develop an equivalence assessment procedure for those who work in the field of medical psychotherapy, but do not hold specialist registration - however this option is not currently available.

Your eligibility for membership will be reviewed after five years when you will be required to reaccredit with the UKCP.

*applicants within a year of completing their specialty training may submit an outcome 6 ARCP form instead of a CPD certificate. 

See more about ARCP outcomes.

With existing UKCP membership

You are eligible for membership if you:

  • hold GMC specialist registration in medical psychotherapy in the United Kingdom either via the CCT route or via the CESR route
  • are currently registered with the GMC and the College and are in good standing for CPD. You will need to send us confirmation of your current UKCP membership. 

If you would like to apply as an existing member please email us. You may join AcOMP free of charge.

The UKCP requires AcOMP to assess the eligibility of its individual members for UKCP membership. 

To assess your application we require all of the following:

  • AcOMP application form (doc)
  • UKCP application form with (pages one and two completed)
  • Equal opportunities form (doc) (optional)
  • A photocopy of your passport or other form of identification
  • A photocopy of evidence of GMC registration
  • A photocopy of your certificate of good standing for CPD (or ARCP outcome 6)
  • Payment of £120 accrediting fee (see AcOMP application form for payment methods).

If you are deemed eligible, we will complete page six of the UKCP application form and return the form to you. You should then send it to the UKCP fully completed.  We also notify the UKCP that your application has been accepted.

Once accepted for membership of AcOMP you must notify us if your circumstances change in respect of any of the eligibility requirements. A change of circumstances may affect our ability to support your membership of the UKCP via AcOMP.

If you would like any more information, please email us.

The British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) now offers accreditation to medical practitioners.

For more information, please email the BPC.

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