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Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Joanne Black 2020 (E) Chair
Dr Cressida Manning 2020 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Jona Lewin 2018 (E) Financial Officer
Prof. Ian Jones 2020 (C) Academic Secretary
Dr Julie Anderson 2020 (C) Northern Ireland
Dr Giles Berrisford 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sarah Cohen 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jennifer Cooke 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Afraa Delvi 2019 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Amanullah Durrani 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Manal El-Maraghy 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Selena Gleadow Ware 2020 (C) Scotland
Dr Zeyn Green-Thompson 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Janine Griffiths 2020 (C) SAS Doctor Representative
Dr Rina Gupta 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Zainab Imam 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Chrishanthy Jayarajah 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Clare Lamb 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Manonmani Manoharan 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Livia Martucci 2018 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sally Morgan 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Mireia Pujol-Aymerich 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Trudi Seneviratne 2020 (C) Immediate Past Chair
Dr Gillian Strachan 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Fionnuala Stuart 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Sarah Taha 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Catherine Thomas 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Thanos Tsoumpris 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Catherine Wilson 2017 (C) Committee Member

Our aims

  • To promote the subject of perinatal psychiatry within the College
  • To provide a network of support and information for interested psychiatrists
  • To promote the provision of services for childbearing women with mental health problems
  • To develop educational opportunities for psychiatrists in training
  • To foster research in the area of perinatal psychiatry
  • To act as a resource for the College in its links with other related professional bodies, governmental organisations and the public.

Our priorities

  • Education, training and CPD
    • Define and promote competencies for perinatal consultants
  • Clinical service development and policy
    • Promote the development of perinatal managed care networks in all areas, as per NICE guidance, to support efficient service delivery along clear care pathways
    • Develop guidance on safeguarding children in the context of perinatal psychiatry
    • Lead the development of outcomes definitions and PBR relating to perinatal psychiatry, and closely monitor developments on commissioning
    • Ensure perinatal and infant mental health is included in the public mental health agenda as it develops
    • Workforce planning: maintain or increase the number of trainee perinatal psychiatrists.
  • Set up a formal research network.
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