South Asian History Month

We celebrated South Asian History Month for the first time ever in 2020 to celebrate, mark and honour South Asian cultures and histories - particularly the intertwined histories of the UK and South Asian communities - and how South Asian cultures are present throughout the UK.

We use South Asian History Month to celebrate the history, arts, culture and heritage of people with roots in the South Asian countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Our goal is to help people better understand the diversity of present-day Britain.

We have hosted two free members events for South Asian History Month. The first: Systemic racism and how to tackle it, featured talks by a range of leading members of South Asian heritage. The second event: COVID – unity through adversity, talked about the impact and challenges of COVID-19 on South Asian doctors and clinicians in mental health trusts.

In 2021 we produced a podcast that discussed what it is like to have family living back in South Asia during the pandemic. A second podcast talked to Dr Santosh Mudholkar who explored the interaction between culture, music and the brain

Additionally, we published two new blog posts (see below) that revealed personal narratives from South Asian psychiatrists, adding to the many blog posts we shared in 2020.

Blog posts relating to South Asian History Month