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Dr Chris Walsh

Dr Chris Walsh

Ex-Officio, Devolved Nations – Northern Ireland

Dr Chris Walsh is former Chair of the PTC and is currently a specialty trainee in General Adult Psychiatry in Northern Ireland. He commenced training after having worked as a residential medical officer in Addictions Facility post-foundation training for several years, followed by multiple years as an SAS doctor in a community mental health team in Liverpool. This is his twelfth year working in Psychiatry and he is passionate about this medical speciality. He has special interests in LGBT psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychoeducation.

It has been a winding road to reach this point, with several episodes of mental ill-health requiring treatment. Chris is excited about the evolution of lived experience as a useful tool in our specialty. Given the support he has had in his career from colleagues, he is grateful to have chosen Psychiatry as a specialty and is keenly involved in the Choose Psychiatry campaign as the Northern Ireland trainee representative. Read his blog post for the College's Choose Psychiatry campaign.

Outside of work, he sings in Belfast Community Gospel Choir and enjoys graphic design and musical theatre.

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