Our strategic plan 2019/20 and vision

Our corporate strategy for 2019-20 is called Excellence in psychiatry: High-quality, person-centred care.

It sets outs our top priorities for the next two calendar years. Our major objectives are:

  • Delivering education and training, and promoting research in psychiatry
  • Promoting recruitment and retention in psychiatry
  • Improving standards and quality across psychiatry, and wider mental health services, and supporting the prevention of mental ill health
  • Being the voice of psychiatry
  • Supporting psychiatrists to achieve their professional potential, by providing an excellent member experience, and
  • Ensuring the effective management of resources, and providing an excellent employee experience, so as to efficiently deliver agreed priorities.

The strategic plan also sets out a new vision for the organisation, which is of: “A strong and progressive College that supports its members to deliver high-quality, person-centred care across the UK, and all over the world.”

Our work during 2019-20, will be underpinned by our values.



Our vision