Managing transitions when the patient has an eating disorder (CR208 Nov 2017)

The diverse transitions that occur in services for people with eating disorders are a significant cause of relapse and breakdown in treatment. This report focuses on aspects of transitions that need particular recognition within the operational policies and care pathways of all services caring for patients with eating disorders.

The report describes areas of adverse impact, suggests helpful practices, warns against those which are perceived as unhelpful and summarises the main practice learning points.

Learning points and recommendations:

  • Awareness
  • Early identification and notification
  • Involve family and carers
  • Flexible timing
  • Close links between services
  • Transition coordinator
  • Provide good information
  • Clear protocols and pathways
  • Patient-centred transition plan
  • Multidisciplinary discharge planning meeting
  • Overlap period of joint working
  • Respect for attachments and therapeutic alliances
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