Position Statements 2019

Position Statements are approved by the College’s Policy and Public Affairs Committee and are concise statements of College policy.

These statements are available to download in PDF format (free of charge).

  • The role of liaison psychiatry in integrated physical and mental healthcare (PS07/19)
    Liaison psychiatry has an essential role in meeting the mental health needs of the most complex and high-risk patients within a comprehensive integrated healthcare pathway. This document outlines what integrated care is and why it is particularly important for patients with severe, complex and multiple illnesses. It suggests key principles that should inform service development and provides examples of innovative services that illustrate the value and essential role of liaison psychiatry in the delivery of integrated physical and mental healthcare.

  • Loneliness and social isolation (PS06/19)
    This position statement sets out how healthcare professionals can help to identify older people experiencing loneliness and ensure that they are able to access the appropriate support and services to help them.

  • Cannabis-based medicinal products (PS05/19)
    This position statement sets out the College's view on cannabis-based medicinal products, particularly focusing on their use for mental health conditions based on the available evidence. It details the lack of high-quality evidence for the use of CBMPs for the treatment of mental illness and calls for more research on CBMPs in all health settings.

  • Antidepressants and depression (PS04/19)
    This Position Statement sets outs the College’s view on promoting optimal use and management of antidepressants. It discusses the challenges with prescribing antidepressants, including considering the evidence around efficacy, benefits and harms, ensuring they are used when clinically indicated and managing withdrawal. The statement includes range of recommendations aimed at the UK Health Departments, national bodies and commissioners.

  • Early intervention for eating disorders (PS03/19)
    This Position Statement sets out a strong evidence base for investment in early intervention for eating disorders across the UK. It makes clear that there needs to be timely treatment for all patients with eating disorders, irrespective of age, illness stage or duration, including those that may need continued support and care beyond their first episode. It also makes a number of recommendations for actions that, through their implementation, would support progress on this important issue.

  • Provision of liaison psychiatry services across the lifespan (PS02/19)
    This Position Statement describes how liaison psychiatry services can be delivered to meet the needs of patients of all ages, while staff continue to work within their recognised competences and areas of expertise. It provides commissioners and providers with information and advice that they can use when setting up or expanding liaison psychiatry services and are recruiting staff.

  • Consultant psychiatrists working across specialties outside normal working hours (PS01/19)
    The College has provided individual support to psychiatrists on the issues addressed in this Position Statement. By making this advice on cross-specialty working, covering out-of-hours work, daytime service reconfigurations and career development to all psychiatrists, we hope that it will make a positive contribution to better management of these important issues.

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