Information for commissioners and senior managers

Who are we?

ACOMHS: Accreditation for Community Mental Health Services is a network of community services across the UK. Member services are supported to improve the quality of the service that they provide against a nationally recognised set of standards. The backbone of the network is peer review and accreditation but member services are also able to benefit from specialist events, publications, and the knowledge and experience of peers.

National Standards

Standards used within the network are designed specifically for community mental health services. They are developed in consultation with frontline staff, managers, patients and carers and are aligned with NICE guidelines, CQC regulations. Participating members are able to demonstrate that they are working towards and achieving these measures, as well as our wider standards, while showing their commitment to quality improvement.

What do we provide?

We provide opportunities for networking, tools for self -assessment and we facilitate peer review visits between member services. These visits are a key element of both developmental and accreditation processes. A peer-review team review evidence provided by the service to assess whether they meet the standards. Those meeting the required level are accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The network allows services to create a learning community, where they share and benefit from best practice and updates in the field. It enables staff to regularly consider ways to improve the quality and efficiency of their work and the care that they provide.

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